“What’s the Story, morning glory?”

I think in a previous post I said something about not being a writer.

That was only semi-true. I’m not a sit-in-the-seat-and-pound-out-pages kind of guy.

I think I’m great at coming up with concepts, outlines, treatments, drafts, and rewriting…so in that sense, I’m a writer. But there are long periods where I do everything but the draft…or the rewrites…and spend all my time at sites like DoneDealPro Forums.

The main site, Done Deal Pro, is for “The Business and Craft of Screenwriting.” For a small annual fee you can subscribe to the site and get tracking board style information – like what screenplays have just sold, what screenplays are being sent out, from whom are they being sent and to whom are they going. Loads of great information.

But it’s the forum that sucks you in and keeps you at your laptop and away from the blank page.

The forum is a place where screenwriters and storytellers, from every level of the entertainment industry, get to mingle and share their thoughts, idea, opinions, advice and critiques (lots of advice and critiques) on everything regarding the business and craft of screenwriting…and multimedia in general.

The forums are broken down by topics like:

  • The Basics, where all the newbies go to ask questions about formatting (which is EXTREMELY important if you want to appear professional) like, “How do I use INTERCUT?”
  • Business Questions and Advice, where most members ask legal questions like, “Can I Take a Pitch And Write My Own Script?” (i.e. someone pitches you an idea, they don’t like your take, but you say screw it I’ll write my take on spec – the short answer: No, it’s a dick move)
  • Script Pages – Advanced, where working professional screenwriters like Craig Mazin and Derek Haasagree to read the first three pages (sometimes 5, if you’re shady like me) of your screenplay and give you feedback. The guys are a bit overwhelmed with their own work at the moment, and they promise they’ll return to help DDP Forum members (only), but that’s what makes the forum so great – you have screenwriters from every level sharing their thoughts, ideas, opinions, advice and critiques (lots of advice and critiques, lots) on the business and craft of screenwriting.

Craig Mazin – Writer: Scary Movie 3 & 4 and The Hangover 2

Derek Haas – Writer: 3:10 to Yuma and Wanted

Making Done Deal Pro Forums my first “BestF@#$ingWebsiteEver”


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