Photoshop CS6 Portfolio

Today some college student named Kermet hijacked my blog. He created a few photos for a project in Digital Media Imagery. He took a bunch of pictures and played with them in Photoshop CS6 to create some new pictures and posted them below.

I’d give the kid an A, but I’m partial.

All images, unless otherwise stated, were originally taken by Kermet Merl Key on his iPhone 4s in HDR.

Violent Video:
“Violent Video” was a simple composite blend of the images “Sony Camcorder” and “Drop of Blood.” I placed both original photos in layers on the file, with “Drop of Blood” as the top layer, and used the OVERLAY blend mode. Then I used a layer mask to remove any part of the “Drop of Blood” image that I used.

Boggy Monster:
I took the original image “Boggy Monster” and resized it and adjusted the levels. Then I used the wand to select and resselect different parts of a leaf in the image to copy/paste multiple layers to create the mustache beneath the nose.

Original “Boggy Monster”

Dragon’s Eye:
“Dragon’s Eye” was mostly accomplished with the initial shot. I simply used a layer mask, the brush tool and gradient fill to create the eye.

Original “Dragon Eye”

“Framed” was simply an image that was created by selecting a view where many natural frames existed that blocked out the three columns. I used various adjustment layers and selection tools to highlight each of the 9 frames in the original photo


Original “Framed”

Website Background.
This was an original image created in photoshop as a background template for a website. I used the rectangle tool, fills and a gradient to create the simplistic “red carpet” look

Ghostface is one of my favorites. It is a composite of the waterfall and michael myers mask with an Overlay and Exlcusion Blend as well as layer masks.

Original Waterfall:
Yes, that spooky looking face was in the original photo, unedited!!!

Scared Stiff”Scared Stiff” was a simple use of selection tools, copy/paste layers and the transform edit.

Tommy Tree”Tommy Tree” is another use of simple blends modes like Overlay.

Original Boy

Original Tree


I took the original image “Conflict” and converted it to a smart object. Then I used the adjustment layers on the post (Hue/Saturation), the leafs in the foreground (exposure) and the trees in the background (levels) to create a metaphor for the conflict within, light vs. dark and clear path vs. cluttered path.

Original “Conflict”

Faded In:
“Faded In” was a photo that tries to tell the story of how the waterfall didn’t exist most of the summer due to the drought. And therefore, where there is no water there is no color and no life. My daughter blends into the background. I hope this photo sparks an emotion for anyone interested in water conservation, climate change, family or the environment.

Original Faded In


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